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When tragedy strikes, we all need someone to turn to; someone who can help guide us through the first few hours, days and months as we adjust to the "˜new normal' that our lives have become.

A Cardium Region Victim Services Advocate can be that person offering the victim of a crime or tragedy emotional support, a listening ear and practical assistance when it is needed most.

Victim Services Advocates are well trained to help people through their worst moments, after the loss of a loved one, an assault, a fire or flood, or property damage due to a crime.

Most clients are referred to Victim Services by the RCMP or another community agency, but victims can contact Cardium Region Victim Services directly.

Services provided by Victim Services in Drayton Valley include referrals to other community agencies or supports; assistance with forms and applications; court orientation; support or accompaniment; information about victim impact statements; restitution requests or financial benefits for victims of crimes. Victims of Crime Protocol handbooks may assist the victim in understanding how the justice system works.

Cardium Region Victim Services serves communities in the Drayton Valley and Evansburg RCMP detachment areas, working in partnership with and sponsored by the RCMP. Cardium Region Victim Services is a non-profit organization that relies on municipal and provincial grants, as well as donations from the community, to continue offering hope and help to victims of crime and tragic circumstances.

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