Victim Assistance Services

Helping community residents in Drayton Valley and Evansburg areas

Working under the guidance and direction of the RCMP, Cardium Region Victim Services provides emotional support, information and referral services to victims and their families as they cope with the impact of crimes and tragedies.

Our free and confidential services are available 24/7 and include advocacy, accompaniment, supportive listening, emotional support, practical assistance, help with forms and applications, assistance in navigating the social, criminal and family court systems.

Our main role as a community service organization is to help reduce the impact of trauma, both at the point of crisis and over the long term. We believe in offering a safe, non-judgemental, secure and supportive environment to those dealing with the aftermath of crimes and tragic circumstances.

We also offer information about victim services programs that are governed by provincial legislation, including Victim Impact StatementsCommunity Impact Statements, and Financial Benefits Restitution.

Following are just some of the situations that might lead a person to require assistance from Cardium Region Victim Services: assault; criminal harassment; domestic violence; suicide; homicide; human trafficking; industrial accidents; property crimes; vehicle accidents; sexual assaults; fire and sudden death.

Victim services advocates handle a variety of situations and incidents, such as a family coping with the sudden death of a loved one in a motor vehicle collision; a young person dealing with the trauma of a sexual assault; family members reeling from a suicide; a wife dealing with the trauma of domestic violence; or workers coping with the after effects of an industrial accident that claimed the life of a co-worker.

Cardium Region Victim Services is a non-profit organization, funded in part by municipal and provincial grants. Victim services also relies on donations from individuals, businesses and organizations within the communities of Drayton Valley and Evansburg to continue operating.

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